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stuart.traynor.rsg asked 2 months ago

We’re looking at reordering the courses by title and events by date. Is this possible?

Niloy replied 2 months ago

event by date is not possible at this moment. but please tell us more details for “courses by title” issue.
I mean to say which shortcode you are using for this or are you need it into main course page? .
i will be best if you provide us your website live(course) URL and backend screenshots

stuart.traynor.rsg replied 2 months ago

Sure thing.

It’s the main course page, we have it set up so that the archive goes to /courses/. This is viewable here:

It’s currently in the same order as the backend, which suggests it’s being ordered by the date it was created.

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stuart.traynor.rsg answered 2 months ago

Here are the two images showing the backend.

Niloy replied 2 months ago

Hello, it’s not possible to show courses by title from theme setting or shortcodes. you need to edit the plugin codes or make a new query for this. because this page setting totally comes from the learnpress(wp plugin) setting.