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czabanyi asked 5 months ago

Hi Niloy,

would you please help me how i can set the menu point which looks like the buy now button in top right header in Academic theme demo? I was triing to find a setting for that, but could not find it and first want to avoid manually changing the source.



2 Answers
Niloy answered 5 months ago


please follow the introduction below:

Add this class name into CSS Classes (optional) flied "btn btn-style1"


czabanyi answered 4 months ago

Thank you Niloy, it seems to be useful, however I am unable to see CSS Classes (optional) in menu under custom links. How should I enable this function, so that i can type "btn btn-style1" there?
thanks in advance.

update: I have found it under theme customization, so that i can change CSS classes. Thank you for your support

Niloy replied 4 months ago

You welcome 🙂