Not working when using shortcode

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matto asked 4 months ago


Plugin is working fine if you visit product page, but when I try to display product using WC shortcode [product_page id="XXXX"] it won’t work.

Also on product page (where gallery is working) there is problem with loading animation. Images are already loaded and when you click on image it will display loading animation 1 second after image is changed and loaded correctly… Its very annoying.

Woocommerce 3.0+ Fix doesn’t solve my issue!


matto replied 4 months ago

Using newest plugin version 1.2.2

Niloy replied 4 months ago

WC shortcode is not working at this moment but i will working on it .please wait for the next release.
for the product page issue Please send me the purchased key & username,password of your site for further checking by selecting only me & admin

matto replied 4 months ago

I fixed product page issue myself using CSS:
.woocommerce-main-image {
opacity: 100 !important;

It would be really nice if you could add option to your plugin to disable loading animation when its not needed

Niloy replied 4 months ago

okay, i will check it out 🙂 and if possible i will fix it on next release
thanks for using Twist