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Glyph asked 4 months ago

Hi there,

Just bought your theme yesterday.

I just want to ask if in your theme options under footer, is it not possible to edit the bottom part above the copyright portion the details? or maybe disable that part?

I can’t seem to find the parts of your theme.

It’s quite limited and it seems that the documentation is not detailed.

Can you please help me with this.


1 Answers
Niloy answered 4 months ago


above the copyright part is come from widget area and widgets area is under appearance the widgets page you will find 4 widget section called footer 1. footer 2. footer 3. footer 4.

from these 4 widget section you can control the theme footer area.

if you need any other help feel free to ask here.


Glyph replied 4 months ago

I was able to find it earlier.
But thanks for responding asap. 🙂