Version 1.2.2 affected other areas of the site

QuestionsCategory: Plugin SupportVersion 1.2.2 affected other areas of the site
RedRoosterDesign asked 5 months ago

Hi, I downloaded the lastest version 1.2.2 and installed it and it affected other areas of my website. I have tabs under the gallery section and when I installed the new version, it stopped any content from showing immediately after the tabs titles. It also did not swap the main image with the smaller images on click, instead it opened the image in a new tab as if it were just an external link. I reverted back to the previous version as I did not want my site to be broken. Otherwise I could give you a screenshot. The URL is I also noticed that when selecting variations like colors, the main image didn’t swap to show that varitions image. I doesn’t in the 1.2 version and it didn’t in the 1.2.2 version. I wonder if it may be a compatibility issue with my theme.

Niloy replied 5 months ago

please send me you site login access and purchased key by selecting the PRIVATE answer.
So I can help you.

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